Achieve More and Be Truly Happy by Making Excellent Decisions

The Excellent Decisions Mastery Course takes you through an in-depth five step process that ensures you are inspired, ready, and supported to make the changes you most want to make in your life.


The Inner Work

The Mastery Course gets to the core reasons why this change has to be made...  your current environments, habits, thoughts and beliefs.

The Outer Work

The Mastery Course is practical, focused on getting you to consistently take the high leverage actions that will get you the results you want.

Time to Thrive

Thriving means achieving at a very high level and being truly happy.  That's what's possible for you when you complete the Mastery Course...

We all have one... what's the BIG CHANGE that really has to happen in YOUR life???

The Excellent Decisions Mastery Course includes five in-depth modules that take you through each step of the Excellent Decisions transformational process.  Each module includes valuable content we never learned from our parents or in school and experiential activities and exercises that integrate the ideas on a much deeper level.

As part of your Mastery Course you also get membership in the Excellent Decisions Community where you get the support of like minded and supportive people just like you.

You also get access to the cutting edge technology of the Excellent Decisions "Positive Prime" session, an on-line vision board technology that takes advantage of the latest brain science to allow you to fully benefit from the course.

Finally, as part of your course material, to help you deepen your understanding and more fully implement what you are learning, you get signed hard cover copies of the Excellent Decisions book and partner journal.

The Five Steps of the Excellent Decisions Transformational Process:


  • Understand the Dynamics of Change, what happens physically, mentally and emotionally when we decide its time to make a BIG change.
  • Embrace the importance of taking 100% responsibility.


  • Get clear about your current situation and circumstances - whats working well and what could be working better.
  • Get clear about your desired results, set a specific and measurable result.
  • Get clear about your VISION.
  • Get clear about your VALUES.
  • Get clear about your VALUE.


  • Be deeply grateful for all you are and have.
  • Let go of the need to know how
  • Accept yourself and others just as you are
  • Allow others to respond however they respond


  • Develop your strategy and plan
  • Make Excellent Decisions
  • Take action
  • Respond to feedback


  • Asking for help
  • Accountability
  • Encouragement

Can you imagine how different your life will be when you achieve mastery in all of these areas?  THAT is the promise of the Excellent Decisions Mastery Course.

The Excellent Decisions Mastery Course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you complete the course and you are not completely satisfied you will be given a full refund.

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Five-Module Mastery Course Takes You Through the Entire Excellent Decisions Transformational Process

Membership in the Excellent Decisions Community

Access to the Excellent Decisions Positive Prime Visualization Tool

Hard Cover Copies of the Manifesting for Non-Gurus Book and Partner Journal




Five-Module Course

Excellent Decisions Community

Positive Prime Visualization Tool

Hard Cover Book and Journal

Six Group Calls with an Expert Facilitator to Guide You Through Every Step of the Course




Five-Module Course

Excellent Decisions Community

Positive Prime Visualization Tool

Hard Cover Book and Journal

Expert Facilitation

Three One-on-One Coaching Sessions to Personalize the Course to Your Unique Situation and Circumstances


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