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The Prosperity Game

The game that helps you identify and break through your self imposed money limitations...

The Prosperity Game is one of the best ways to identify and overcome your own limiting beliefs about money and abundance. The next session of the game will begin on Monday September 9, 2019.

The Prosperity Game is played every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for four weeks. Each day of the game players receive an e-mail with a virtual check embedded in it along with a link to a private Facebook group where the game is played. To play the game all you do is click through to the Facebook group and answer two simple questions:

1. Where did the money come from? Did you earn it? Find it? Win it? Was it a gift? You get to decide...

2. What will you do with your money? Spend it? Save it? Invest it? Give it away? Again, you get to decide...

There are no right or wrong answers…

That’s it. It’s a very simple game. It only takes a few minutes a day three days a week to play. But the game gets VERY interesting very quickly because with each e-mail message you receive THE AMOUNT OF YOUR CHECK DOUBLES. How will the way you play the game change as the amounts of your checks grow? And grow… And grow… What will you do when you are faced with your own self-imposed limitations about what you believe is possible when it comes to money?

Included in each e-mail message are insights about how to get the most from your experience of playing the game. We have facilitated this game many times before and we want you to get all of the value of our experience. The Prosperity Game is a fun and amazing opportunity to examine your own beliefs and habits around money and it’s only $19.99 to play for the entire four weeks.

We will also host players-only conference calls before, during, and after the game to help participants get the most possible benefit from the experience. The call after the game is finished, where you hear about the experiences of your fellow players, is the best one of all!

The Prosperity Game starts on Monday September 9th... Are you in?

Who do you know who would benefit from more prosperity in their life? Please share the link to The Prosperity Game. The more players the better!

You get:

  • The four week game
  • Valuable insights about how to get the most from the game in each message
  • Surprise twists to further expand your money consciousness
  • Three support calls
  • Private Facebook group support and encouragement
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee